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Data is Everywhere

Data is everywhere and is generated in many disparate systems with varying degrees of structure, quality, frequency and semantics.

Our aim is to help our clients discover the value of their data

What is Explainable Machine Reasoning?

Kontexia's Explainable Machine Reasoning combines the power of self-organising Network Graphs with Sparse Associative Memory (SAM) based neural networks.

Key features:

  • Learns continuously from streaming data
  • Represents knowledge as ‘generalised memories’ of the data it has seen
  • Provides unsupervised clustering, anomaly detection, supervised classification and temporal sequence learning for prediction

Why use Explainable Machine Reasoning?

We want to give clients the ability to explain how decisions are made

Many machine learning technologies are black boxes obfuscating understanding. Kontexia's Explainable Machine Reasoning technology is transparent. It aids understanding and enhances trust with data generated.

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